Our Concepts

After our successful ventures in niche cuisines such as Breakfast, Fried Chicken and Mexican,
our goal is to identify gaps in the market and our portfolio to cater to underserved cuisines
in the mid-market category.

The Kitchen

We Cook. You Live

"Good Food, Made Fresh" We take this saying very seriously- giving you a meal worthy of your own kitchen without the dishes. Hearty soups, fresh salads and delicious grills are what you can expect to find in this international eatery, however our signature is our pastas. We cook so you can live.


Street Classics

The home of Street Classics, Junkyard serves a variety of delicious street food from around the world with a grungy vibe. Everyone comes to this yard for the wings, burgers and pastas.

Humble Burgers

Be. Live. Eat.

Our mantra? Be Humble, Live Humble, Eat Humble. Specializing in burgers, we use only the best ingredients to make our Humble burgers from scratch. It’s not just a burger, it’s a lifestyle.

Proper Sliders

Eat in color

Life tastes better in color! Established in 2015 with a fun, retro vibe, Proper Sliders serves you only the best sliders, shakes and fries. We love making our Original Gourmet Sliders, and of course, putting a smile on people’s faces.

Chubby Balls

Spread the Chubby Love

Chubby Balls is a cold, biscuit-based dessert that stole peoples’ heart back in 2009. Nowadays, Chubby Balls understands that life is all about those special moments with family and friends and what better way to share those beautiful moments than with a cup full of Chubby Happiness. Let's spread the Chubby Love...together.

Breakfast Fix

Making breakfast great again

Need a morning pick-me- up? Breakfast Fix has got you covered. Satisfy your savory cravings with the Mini Egg Buns and Wraps, paired with Hash Browns. More of a sweet tooth? We’ve got the fluffiest pancakes you’ve ever had.

Hatch Chicken

Hatch Hatch Chicken

Wings are what we do best at Junkyard which is how this chicken “hatched” into creation. Specializing in fried chicken, we created four delicious personas: Daisy, Scarlet, Mabel and Loretta. And the Hatch family just keeps growing…

Chubby Crepes

The way to a happy tummy

In 2018 we decided to add a new planet to the Chubby Galaxy. By adding a twist to the classic French dessert, we created Chubby Crepes!

Taco Eataco

Are you Taco to me?

Vegans and Carnivores unite cuz this joint has got something for all of you! Tacos, Burritos, Bowls, Nachos… that’s just naming a few of our crazy good food.

Thrive Salads

Salads + Wraps

A healthy addition to the KLC family, this concept is all about wholesome food that looks and tastes good. Providing a variety of colorful and nutritious salads and wraps.

Chubby Cookies

Saving the planet one cookie at a time

The latest shining star in the Chubby Galaxy: Chubby Cookies. Dedicated to re-inventing how people can enjoy this beloved childhood dessert and presenting it in the fun and kooky Chubby way.

Project/ Pasta

Eat more Pasta

Delicious Italian-inspired pasta dishes made to order and delivered to the comfort of your own home. Our goal? Find new ways to enjoy your favorite comfort food.


Unleash your MiniMe!

Good things come in small sizes… Dessert is meant to be fun which is why we present to you everyone’s favorite dessert (Pancakes) in mini form.

The Last Pizza

The last Is Always The Best

When it comes to Pizza the last is always the best.. our 90s inspired pizza freshly made to meet the unforgottable taste the you are searching for.

X Sliders

Explore the unknown!

Explore the unknown and discover the possibilities of “X”. Tastes created to send you out of this world!